Summer-Proof Your Skincare: 5 Essential Swaps To Make Now

Summer is here! The temperatures are rising, and the sun is shining more and more every day, and I’m here for it! But that also means it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. And I can already hear you thinking, “But I already have my skincare products; why do I have to change them?”. And I understand that! Finding the right skincare products for your skin type is difficult, but that’s exactly why you should think about switching things up when the seasons change. Want to know which summer skincare swaps I’m making and why? Then continue reading!

Why change up your skincare?

Is it absolutely necessary to switch up your skincare routine when the seasons change? No, but your skin might have different needs in the winter than in the summer, so it’s a good idea to think about it. Is your skin exactly the same throughout the seasons? Or does your skin seem more dry in the winter and maybe more oily in the summer? If so, you will definitely benefit from changing up your skincare routine. I swap out a few of my daily products to give my skin exactly what it needs that season. My skin is dry in the winter, so it needs more hydration and moisturizing. In the summer, my skin is normal, and some days it’s even a little oily in the t-zone. I want to adjust my products, so they work best with my skin’s needs.

5 swaps I’m making for Summer

1. More SPF please!

I try to wear SPF daily, even in winter, although I must admit I tend to forget in the colder seasons. I do swap out my sunscreens. In the fall and winter, I’ll wear SPF 30 because I’m indoors more and can get away with a lighter SPF. In the summer, I swap it out for an SPF 50 for maximum protection. Not yet wearing sunscreen? Read here why it’s super important!

2. Cream to gel moisturizer

I go all in during the wintertime, moisturizer-wise. I’ll wear a thicker moisturizer in the evening and a lighter one in the morning, but I do top it with the Embryolisse cream to lock in all that hydration and give my skin an extra protective layer against the freezing air. And all that is a bit much in the summer. So, when the weather gets warmer, I swap my cream moisturizer for a lighter gel one.

3. Amp up the glow with vitamin C

Not only does vitamin C have brightening effects, but it also protects your skin against sun damage. So what’s a better serum to add to your summer skincare routine than a vitamin C one? You can definitely use vitamin C in the winter. I like to go all in with hydration in the winter, so I use a hydration serum in the colder seasons.

4. Lighten up the body lotion

I love a nice, thick body cream in the winter to deeply hydrate my body. In the summer, I want that same hydration, just with a lighter texture. So, when the weather gets warmer, I swap my body cream for a lighter body lotion.

5. Be cautious with your retinol

I bought a Retinol serum a few weeks before the temperature started rising. And when I did some more research, I learned that using retinol in the summer can cause some irritation. So, I’m going to be extra careful and use it only once a week to see how it goes. If that goes well, I might start using it twice a week, but I’ll stay careful with it in the summer. If you’re already using Retinol, be careful in the summer months and look out for any signs of irritation. And don’t forget to wear SPF during the day to protect your skin against sun damage. If you don’t see any irritation, you’re fine to keep using your retinol. If you do see some signs, you’ll want to reduce your use or take a break.

There are a few more swaps you can make in your skincare from winter to summer. You can, for example, swap out your cream face wash for a foam one if you feel like the creamy one is too heavy in the summer. If you have oily skin or sweat a lot, you might want to amp up your exfoliation. Just don’t forget that these swaps are personal. Do what feels best for your skin, even if that means you don’t switch up anything in your skincare.

Do you switch up your skincare routine from winter to summer?

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