Everything You Need To Know About The Face Roller Trend (and Why I love it)

Face Rollers have been a trend for quite some time. I always wanted to level up my skincare routine with a skincare tool, but I never knew which one was the best. But I finally caved and bought a stainless steel face roller. And I must say, I haven’t regretted it since.

I bought the stainless steel face roller from Sacheu and this material is perfect for a face roller. It’s antibacterial and self-cooling, which makes it perfect to use on the skin. I use it in my morning skincare routine to take full advantage of its depuffing qualities. And I have to say, I definitely see a difference!

Have you been debating getting one yourself? Read on to discover everything you need to know about this skincare trend.

What’s a face roller?

A facial roller is a skincare tool that massages the skin to stimulate the lymphatic system and decrease puffiness. Face rollers have existed for a long time, but resurfaced a few years ago. They look pretty and make your skincare routine feel luxurious, so who wouldn’t want one?

Now you can find them in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. From Jade rollers to ice rollers, the options are endless. But even with all these options I never found one I liked, until I found a stainless steel face roller.

Why use a stainless steel facial roller?

Stone face rollers, like jade or rose quartz, are porous and can harbor product residue and bacteria. Two things you don’t want with something your using on your face. Because of this, I never took the plunge and bought a face roller. The gem ones may look pretty, they didn’t seem so safe to use. So when I saw the stainless face roller from Sacheu I didn’t have to think twice, and bought it.

What are the benefits of face rolling?

Face rollers grew in popularity the last few years, but they actually have been around since the 17th century in China. And it’s definitely for a good reason that this kind of skincare tools have found their way into our own routines. A few benefits of face rolling:

  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness: stainless steel is self-cooling. So, no fridge needed, this roller will always be cold to the touch.
  • Brighten skin: a facial roller increases circulation in the skin and gently moves stagnant fluids around, decreasing dullness and giving you a glow.
  • Antibacterial: stainless steel is non-porous, which prevents bacteria build-up that you can transfer to your skin.
  • Contours the skin: don’t expect miracles, but a facial roller can be used to drain excess fluid, which can help contour the face temporarily.

How to use a face roller

Face rolling isn’t difficult, but you do want to be careful. Your skin is sensitive and delicate, so take your time. Always use a facial roller in combination with product. You don’t want to be tugging on your skin. I use it after I’ve put on my toner, because I want to prevent my serums from moving around and have active ingredients go to area’s I don’t want to. But it’s totally up to you when you want to use your roller. Just make sure there’s something on your skin like a toner, oil, sheet mask or moisturizer.

Facial Rolling Guidelines:

  1. Always roll upward and outward, never back and forth, to move excess fluids away from your face.
  2. Use the bigger part for the bigger areas of your face, like your cheeks and forehead. Use the smaller end for your under eye area.
  3. Roll downward on your neck.
  4. Roll for about two minutes every day.

I’ve been using my face roller for about a month now, and I love it. I can’t live without it anymore. I see the difference before and after face rolling, I feel like the skincare products I apply after rolling absorb better. I’m so glad I caved and bought this tool. It definitely leveled up my morning skincare routine.

Do you use a face roller?

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