Find your personal style in 4 simple steps

Finding your personal style isn’t easy. With trends coming and going, Instagram feeds full of beautiful outfits and new brands popping up left and right, it’s normal to get lost in all the possibilities. With the 4 steps below, you will find your personal style in no time.

1. Think about who you are

Personal style is as the name says it personal, so think about you. What clothing items do you like? What colors do you love? Which outfits make you feel confident? But also think about which clothing items you don’t like, what colors you wouldn’t wear and which outfits you aren’t comfortable with. Write all this down, so you have an overview to help you with the next step.

Tip: you don’t have to have only one aesthetic. I love wearing what I’m in the mood for and some days that’s jeans, sneakers and an oversized t-shirt and other days I like to wear a dress and heels. So write down everything you like to wear without thinking too much about it. You can always mix and match different styles.

2. Find inspiration on Pinterest

Now you know what you like and don’t like, it is time to find some inspirational pictures. You can create a board on Pinterest to put all your inspiration on, so you always have it on hand. Find pictures of looks you like and would love to wear. You can also look for style icons to get inspiration from. This can be a celebrity, an influencer, anyone with a style that you love and that also suits you. You can then use their outfits as your style inspiration.

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3. Clean out your closet

Now, you’ve defined your personal style both in words and on a mood board. It’s time to clean out your closet. Sort between your clothes and decide which items you want to keep. To make this decision easier you use your mood board.

Tip: if you can’t decide if you want to keep it or not, ask yourself if you’ve worn it the past six to twelve months. If not you probably won’t wear it in the following six to twelve months either. But of course if it has sentimental value, you can always keep it even if you won’t wear it.

4. Create some go-to outfit formulas

To make it easier to keep up with your personal style and be consistent with it. You can create some go-to outfit formulas. This can be as easy as a go-to accessory like headbands in fall or choosing to pair your mom jeans with a blazer. It will be a lot easier to create an outfit that you love, when you know how to put an outfit together. You can create as many formulas as you want, but don’t forget to get creative with it!

Voilà, these were the 4 steps. Easy right? But don’t forget that building your wardrobe takes time. You now know your personal style so putting together a wardrobe that you love will be easier. You can always reference back to your mood board if you need to.

How would you describe your personal style?

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