Step-by-Step Guide On How To Create A Vision Board, Plus 3 Tips for Making It Work.

I’ve been making Vision Boards for a while now, and every year I’m amazed by everything I’ve manifested. Creating a Vision Board is an easy way to visualize your goals. And if you put your board somewhere prominent, you’ll be reminded of your dream life every day, which helps you stay focused. After years of gathering knowledge, it’s time to share it! Read on to learn how to make a Vision Board, plus discover three tips for making it work. ✨

How to create a Vision Board in 5 steps

1. Prepare & review:

First, you have to set the right mood. Block out time in your calendar, so you don’t get interrupted. Find a nice playlist, light a candle, put on a cozy outfit. Maybe even grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Everything you need to get into that manifesting-mood.

If it’s your first year making a Vision Board, you can skip the next paragraph if you want and go right ahead to the part about setting goals.

Another important step before starting on your new Vision Board is looking back on last year’s goals. Take last year’s Vision Board and write down all the progress you’ve made this past year. How little or big it may be, write it all down. I also like to journal a bit about this and answer some prompts to further review the progress I did or did not make. I added a reflection page in my Vision Board Notion Template if you want to see the exact journal prompts I use.

2. Set your goals

Now you’ve got a good idea of how the previous year went in terms of your goals, it’s time to set this year’s goals. Brainstorming is the key here! Think about what your dream life looks and feels like. Write down every single goal you need to reach to live your dream life. I also like to set goals for different aspects of my life. A few examples of these aspects you can include: work – health – wealth – friends and family – travel. These goals can be very specific, but they can also be a feeling or state like ‘being healthy’.

After you’ve written down all your goals, it’s time to decide which are the ones you want to achieve or focus on this year. I like to add both long-term as short-term goals on my Vision Board, so I can both focus on this year’s goals as on the bigger picture.

3. Find your word or quote for the year

Now, you have a good idea of your goals and dreams. It’s time to decide on a word or a sentence for the upcoming year. What will be the mantra of 2023 for you? There are no rules to what this can be, but I do have a few tips:

  • Make it positive.
  • Let it be inspirational and motivational.
  • Avoid limiting beliefs or negative words. For example, choose ‘keep going’ instead of ‘never give up’. You want to remind yourself of what you can achieve, not of what you want to avoid.

Need some inspiration? Here are my previous words/sentences of the year for 2020 – 2021 – 2022:

Inspire to Glow Lifestyle Blog - Vision Board Inspiration Inspo Ideas - Word, Sentence or Quote of the Year - 2020 Fait Avec Amour
2020 – Fait Avec Amour
Inspire to Glow Lifestyle Blog - Vision Board Inspiration Inspo Ideas - Word, Sentence or Quote of the Year - 2021 I Am Creating The Life Of My Dreams
2021 – I Am Creating The Life Of My Dreams
Inspire to Glow Lifestyle Blog - Vision Board Inspiration Inspo Ideas - Word, Sentence or Quote of the Year - 2022 I Live The Life Of My Dreams
2022 – I Live The Life Of My Dreams

4. Find the right images

You might think that pictures are pictures and that it doesn’t matter what images you use, but that’s not true. It does make a difference. The images need to make you feel inspired, excited and motivated about your goals.

Start by brainstorming what you want the pictures to look like based on your list of goals. If you want to become a morning person, think about what that means to you. What would you look like as a morning person? What would you do? And how would you feel? Then, translate that into a picture.

The images can be super specific or reflect a certain feeling or vibe. You can also incorporate words and sentences that you love.

Tip: add ‘aesthetic’ to your keywords on Pinterest to find great pictures for your Vision Board.

You can also create your own images or illustrations. This is a great way to take your visualization to the next level. You can photoshop yourself into situations or create an image of what it would like when you’ve achieved your goal. For example, photoshop yourself with an Oscar or photoshop a certain number of followers onto your Instagram profile.

5. Put your Vision Board together

I always put my Vision Board as my desktop wallpaper. This way I’m looking at it regularly and my subconscious mind is always reminded of my goals.

Mini-tutorial: how to create a desktop wallpaper in Canva:

  1. Open and choose the 1920 x 1080 desktop wallpaper format.
  2. Upload all the images you found and/or made to Canva.
  3. Put your word or quote of the year in the middle of the wallpaper.
  4. Add your pictures onto the wallpaper. This may take some rearranging, but keep replacing the images untill they fit onto the wallpaper.
  5. Save it to your computer and set it as your background or lock screen.
Inspire to Glow Blog - How to Create a Desktop Wallpaper Vision Board in Canva - a Mini-Tutorial

I like to add my Vision Boards as my laptop background, and use one of my monthly tech backgrounds as the lock screen.

3 Tips for making your Vision Board succesfull:

1. Do a midyear check-in

How often does it happen that we set goals and create a Vision Board and forget all about it the rest of the year? That’s why I like to do a midyear check-in. Halfway through the year I like to sit down and take some time to reflect on the past 6 months. I write down my progress and answer some prompts. I use the same Vision Board Notion template for this as when I do my end-of-the-year reflection.

2. Journal about it

I already read a lot about journaling to manifest your Vision Board, but I’ve never actually done it before. This year, I want to take my manifesting to a new level, so I’m going to try journaling. A few journal ideas I’ve found and want to try:

  • Write a letter from the perspective as if you’ve already achieved your Vision Board and write it to your present self.
  • Journal about your day as if you’ve already achieved your goals: ‘what does your ideal day look like?’
  • Write down positive affirmations
  • Answer prompts about success, goalsetting, your dream life, etc. You can find a lot of these on Pinterest.

3. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

Don’t let your goals just be pictures on your Vision Board. You have to take action to achieve them. Even if it’s a small step, that’s better than doing nothing. A good tip for this is to make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. When you write your goals down with these criteria in mind, you’ll make sure that your goals are clear. Which will make it easier to actually achieve them.

Are you making a Vision Board for 2023?

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