3 Free Online Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity

So you want to boost your productivity? Let me help you! The key to boosting your productivity is being more organized. I’m nowhere near perfect at being organized or being productive, but I do feel like I’ve set some good systems in place. And today, I’m sharing with your my three favorite productivity tools that improved my organization skills.

1. Notion

Notion changed everything for me. And if you’ve read my blog before, you already know. Because I’ve written about it a few times. Before I learned about Notion, I had notes and lists in a hundred-and-one different places. Now, I can put it all together in my own personal workspace that meets all my needs. I have a lot of different pages, some I use daily and some I use occasionally. But I could not live without it. Notion made being organized so much easier.

Get my free Notion template here.

2. Todoist

I love Notion for overall planning and keeping track of different lists, but for day to day organization I use Todoist. I plan my week by adding to-do’s to specific days. And I also keep track of a few lists, like a shopping list with things that aren’t urgent to buy or gift ideas. Todoist has both a desktop and an app version, which is great if you want to have access to your lists anywhere. That’s the only thing that Notion lacks at this moment, and that’s an efficient app version. I love Notion on my laptop, but I prefer Todoist for everything I need to also have accessible on my phone.

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3. Habit Tracker app

Habit Tracker Tool App - Boost Productivity - How to be more productive organized

I’ve made a habit tracker template in Notion, because I wanted everything in one place. But I have the same problem here, it just wasn’t that useful on my iphone and I tick most of my habits off on there. So, I went back to this Habit Tracker app. It’s one of the best ones out there. It has a simple, intuitive layout and doesn’t set a limit on how many habits you can track, which is rare. Most other apps have a three habit limit in the free version or only let you choose between a handful of premade habits. This app doesn’t do that. The free version gives you more than enough options to create and stick with your new habits and intentions.

Now you know what my go-to productivity tools are. What are some of your favorite ones?

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