Why Monthly Goal Setting Is The Way To Achieving More

A lot of people, myself included, set goals at the beginning of the year. I even make vision boards to go along with my goals. But that used to be it. I occasionally looked back on my goals, but most of the time I forgot about them. And every year, I would start all over again. This time again with the intention to actually work towards achieving them. But just like the year before, nothing much actually happened. Until I started setting monthly goals as well.

Want to know why monthly goal setting is the way to achieving more? Continue reading and discover why you’ll want to be doing this too.

Why set monthly goals?

Big goals can be scary

Big goals can be scary, and that can lead to procrastination. You just have no idea where to begin and you postpone starting to work towards your goal. And don’t get me wrong, big goals are great and we should definitely try to reach our highest potential. But to make a goal more doable, you can break it up into smaller steps and assign one to each month. You will be surprised how much progress you make if you take one step towards your goal every month.

Progress, not perfection

When you only write down the end goal, you’re striving for perfection, which isn’t wrong. We chose these goals, because we want to achieve them. But if you also break up these goal into steps, you are actually striving for progress. At the end of the year, you can look back on all the steps you took towards your goal and how far you came in just 12 months! But when you have only the end goal to look back on, you’ll only see whether you’ve achieved it or not, and the progress you’ve made just gets lost.

Be intentional with your time

I’m always amazed by how fast time goes by. Before you know it, another month has passed. By setting monthly goals, I’m intentional with my time. I think about what I want to do that month and write those goals down. This can be anything from spending as much time as I can outside in the sun during the summer months or writing three blog post next month. These goals can be as big or as small as you want.

I like to see my monthly goals as things I want to do, and not just as things I want to achieve. I’ll add in a ‘productive’ goal or two and balance them with a goal like reading a book per week. Balance is important, especially if you want to be intentional with your time. Hustle culture isn’t something we’re striving for anymore. So, add a few monthly self-care goals into the mix to truly balance out your time. Because time to relax is just as important as achieving your big goals!

Monthly goal setting is the key to achieving more for me. It’s my game plan to achieving the big goals I’ve set at the beginning of the year and made vision boards about.

Do you set Monthly Goals?

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